Monday, October 29, 2012

Rest of the weekend

After the half Saturday morning, I came home to an ice bath (which my kids think is hilarious....)took a very short nap (thanks to Avie) and then had to get ready for our Trunk or Treat at Church.

 Amelia was a cowgirl and Avie was a cupcake.  Our friend Savannah was someone from harry Potter...I think
 Avie, Jovie and Charlee

 crowding around baby Haisley

 Avie may or may not have gone around three times.....

Amelia and Charlee

 Avie and Meredith

 sorting her loot
 Sunday we took it easy, the girls jumped on the trampoline and ate popsicles.
 Maggie ran around like a maniac.....and even jumped on the trampoline....she is crazy
 then she got under it to figure out who knows what

It has now turned winter here...high today is only like I better bundle up jacket and all:)


Louise said...

The girls looked so cute dressed up!