Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Week

We had a good week.  The girls and Donald were out all week, so they slept late and stayed in their PJ's.  We closed early Wednesday and were also closed Friday.

The girls love to make crafts, and when I can actually pull it off they are amazed.  They made the turkey ring and thought it was great...Maggie hated them, she went nuts barking at them.

 This kinda ended up looking like a dog to me:)
 Donald made chocolate pecan pie bars for Thursday.  About the same as pecan pie but cut better.
 Thursday morning I skipped the local Turkey Trot (not spending money or driving all the way to V-town) and ran 8 miles in my neighborhood.
 Her Majesty Avie propped herself up on Amelia's bed to watch Sofia...again

 Since Amelia wears uniforms to school we have like 1 pair of jeans....which when we broke them out around Halloween were getting snug...since she is vertically challenged finding a pair that fits right can be tricky.  We finally found a pair of skinny jeans that were perfect length...however the word skinny on her tiny little frame should be more like relaxed

 Avie was determined to get the perfect picture...I am thinking looking up from that angle was not it, but she was happy with it.

 Then we met at Donald's parents for the festivities.  Anna and Amelia
 Avie with Papa in the background
 Amelia, Anna and Abby getting ready to eat
 Avie and Charlee...Charlee's Thanksgiving lunch was Doritos's and pickles:)
 Then we all needed a break so we put Avie in Bonnie's pen....
 and let Bonnie and Maggie run around
 Then wild woman said she wanted to rest....this lasted about 3 seconds.
 Then she got in the chair with me
 My fellow cornhole 2012 champion...we dominated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This pic cracks me up....Maggie LOVES Donald.
 Best friends forever lined up on the couch
 I did no black Friday shopping....several reasons...1-not a fan of people being that close to me...they might get in my bubble space. 2-there was nothing I thought I needed. 3-Even if there was something I needed saving 20% was not worth going early, using gas, waiting in line, having people that close to me in my personal space.....

Friday we put up the tree.

 Last night we watched the last iCarly.....I cried....not at pic the show.  I will miss Sam, Gibby, Freddy, Spencer and Carly....moving on.
 This morning I ran 16...let me leave you with this.  I pretty much eat the same thing during the week every single day.  Thursday threw me and my stomach this morning for a loop....


Suz and Allan said...

Your Christmas tree looks great! I can only assume your 16 mile run was not as good as you'd hoped it would be.

icecreamtomarathon said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! That's awesome that you ran 16 miles! My highest has been 13, I need to start adding on!
My stomach did NOT like the way I ate on Thursday or Saturday. I didn't really overeat, I just ate things I don't normally eat! It sure felt good to get back to normal on Monday!