Monday, November 19, 2012

Finally Thanksgiving Break!!

It is after 6am...and my girls are still asleep and I just got done with 5 miles.  usually I am already done, showered and trying to coax them out of bed at this point!!

Last Monday night was General night at school.  We have this cheerleader uniform in dress up box so Avie insisted on wearing it....and by far she is the cutest cheerleader!!  She also had some interesting moves on the afraid

 Amelia is playing Jr Pro.  She is excited.
 Avie and Lindsey
 Jr Pro being introduced.  Amelia is tiny:)

 Avie and her BFF Hannah
 Avie and her other BFF.....and partner in crime Maggie

 Avie fixed her own hair
 Friday was the Thanksgiving feast at school.  I took the whole day off, I spent the morning in Avie's class being the "helper".  It reaffirmed why I am not a teacher and that I am also not a big fan of other kids:)  I had lunch with this Pilgrim.

 Avie drives Maggie crazy...and the dog loves it
Saturday my long run was 13 miles.  My knee gave me a fit and I had to walk several times.  Overall time was about 2:15 so I felt pretty good about it.  This Saturday I go back up to 16.....


Suz and Allan said...

Sorry your long run this past weekend didn't go as well as you had hoped. Hope your knee is ok!