Tuesday, December 11, 2012

long run, homecoming and sickly

My long run Saturday morning was 16 miles....it was warm, misty and HUMID....about 37 seconds in I was ready for the first back by my house so I could lose the long sleeve shirt.  I made it through and felt pretty good at the end.  Since we had Homecoming at school and the girls would be cheering I skipped the ice bath...plus I was really really cold...I would later put two and two together on this. My time and pace were good, even for stopping twice to take my blood sugar and bathroom break at my casa.

I did not have much rest time before we had to be at the gym....she really thinks she is a lap dog...however based on what all we have found in the backyard she is more a chew things up dog!!!!!!!!!!

Both the girls wanted to do the little cheerleader at Homecoming (both Donald and I went to small private school where both girls go and Donald teaches there)
 She was mad at me for not letting her climb up the bleachers and then jump down one by one.....
 She got over it when she found Emma Jean to sit by....and some crazed photo bomber

 Avie and Morgan

 Amelia, middle front row


 By the time the cheering was over at half time of the girls game, I was not feeling well.  I was freezing (even though it is in the 80's here) and my body ached...which I thought was from my 16 mile run.  I convinced Avie that we needed to leave to check on Maggie.  By the time I got home I was shivering...being the intellect I am I put my pj's on, got on my heating pad and under the covers and went to sleep. I slept about an hour and fell 100x worse!!  I could barely move my body hurt so much..I finally realized my skin was super hot, my temp was 102.7...I never run fever...ever...I had fever all night, it would break, I would wake up a hot sweaty mess and then it would go back up again.  My main thought was I do not have time to be sick.....went to the Dr Monday morning tested negative for strep and flu so they gave me some heavy antibiotics.  I have had no fever since Monday morning....so I am going to work today!!  I asked the Dr when I could run again, she said whenever you feel like it....that was NOT today.  Still pretty wiped out.

I did pick up Avie from school Monday and she crashed on Amelia's bed.
 My Dad had his PET scan last week and they got results yesterday, b/c I was sick I decided best not to go to the cancer center with my germs.  They did find a spot between his liver and pancreas, it is about 2cm in size.  The oncologist wants it removed, he meets with surgeon Monday, however since he just had the adrenal glad spot removed in August they are not sure if surgeon will agree to remove.  It has been almost 2 years exactly since the first diagnosis, we have heard the same thing now all three times...how rare it is, so unusual.....hopefully Monday will bring some answers


My Love Times Two said...

Hopefully, you will hear good news.

Suz and Allan said...

Hope you get some good news about your dad. Glad you are feeling better!