Sunday, February 10, 2013

Last Saturday run...before D Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday was our last "long"run before the marathon.  One week from now I will hopefully be done...and alive..and still able to move on my own.  We had 8 scheduled and met at 6 in Dasher to get it done!!!

Afterward was the 1st annual Jog with the Generals 5k.  I jogged the 5k with my favorite Lady General!!!!!

 She did good...there was some complaining and threatening....but we both survived.  My time was like 43 minutes, so I know I will only improve with the next one for the year!!!

 Next up was the 1 mile fun run, I went with these crazy girls!!  They laughed almost the entire way.
Brecken and Avie with their medals
 me and Avie
Avie and Anna 
 Random sidenote...Avie wanted her own deodorant so I just got her some from the as I type she is COVERING I am sure her whole body....she will be baby powder fresh!!!


H Love said...

Thinking of you on your big run. Praying for strength in the coming weeks. Never. Never. Never. Give up.

Yo Momma Runs said...

Which marathon are you running? I'll be at Mercedes in Birmingham this weekend!