Tuesday, March 12, 2013

overdue post

A lot has been going on since the art show!!  First and most important my Dad went back to Moffit Center in Tampa for additional scans and an endoscope...and they found NOTHING!!!!  Could not even find the lymph node to do a biopsy.  The Dr used the words "cancer free".  We were shocked and thrilled, this shows the power of continued prayer.  They do go back next week to follow up with all results.

 just another marathon pic.......
Avie has been having headaches for about a month so I took her to the Dr....apparently it was baby shot day....b/c for 50 minutes we had to listen to babies crying...I AM NOT A FAN of crying babies and neither is Avie
The PA (even though my co pay is the same to see a Dr.....) said she thinks it is migraines.  They said she was in a cycle so we broke that and now just have to watch.  She said it is hard to figure out triggers in children.
My running is going much better, I almost stuck to my plan all last week.  I am trying to work on speed which kills my legs but I am doing better and faster than I thought.  I guess my thought process on the marathon was to finish......however for a 10k I have on the 23rd I feel like I will need to try a little faster pace:)
We are almost in the final countdown of school, I am so ready for this year to be over.  Kids are mean, especially girls.  I am tired of the drama, bullying, blah, blah, blah.  Amelia has too much of her Daddy in her and not enough of me:)  She has such a tender heart and is so sweet and only sees the good in people, it is sad that little by little that is chipping away.....
I have insurance school all next week in Atlanta....it is my last class for the designation I have been working on for 4 years, hopefully I pass the test...and dont have a nervous breakdown in all that crazy traffic.  And if not luckily they will offer the same topic in November!!


Courtney said...

what wonderful news about your dad! praise God!

Louise said...

I'm so sad about Amelia!! Girls are so mean....I'm dreading that part!!
Hope Avie's headaches are doing better!!

Anna P said...

Praise God about your dad!! That stinks that you're dealing w/ mean kids =( Hope your sweetie is feeling better!