Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tifton half

Saturday Amy and I went to Tifton for a half.  On the way we read the directions where it mentioned rolling hills....we thought no way there are hills in Tifton....we were WRONG!!

The pick up line and for real bathroom not yucky porta potty lines were short.  The bag had a real tech tee, so for $30 I was happy.  The 5k and half started together....not a fan of this so it was crowded right at the start.  We started from the campus at ABAC and then ran down every country, hilly road in Tift County!

It was super hot, I can usually handle running in heat but it has been awhile so I struggled.  The warm water breaks were few and far between.  I am not the greatest at directions so i was quite confused by the turns....but when I finally saw the dorms at ABAC, i was pumped.  My overall time was 2:25.50.  Not great but considering since the marathon I have logged double digits....umm...once I will take it.

I am still trying to convince Donald that I need to run the Key Largo half in November......:)