Sunday, April 07, 2013

Easter, spring break and other random things..........

Tuesday before Spring break these crazies wanted to wear their bathing suits in the tub....whatever as long as you get clean!!

We left Thursday night for L2L convention, we went with Meli and K.  Donald came down Friday morning. By the time we made it to the hotel they were a little delirious.
The whole weekend Avie spent quite a bit of time in the window people watching.
We let the caged animals loose that morning to wander around the hotel and convention center.
Friday afternoon we finally got started.  Amelia did so good this year and had a lot more confidence over last year.

Amelia and Anna on stage for centurion of scripture.

Avie was wiped was so loud in there but that did not stop her from passing out.
I think this is banner....
Amelia got a high score on the Pearls test, she was proud:)
another lovely photo of Avie passed out....and probably drooling on the chair
We got back to the room and in bed about 11:30...which is really late for us.  I had a terrible time during the night with high blood sugars.  We did not wake up until 8....we all had to have showers and Abby gave her speech at we were in a mad rush to get ready.  But we made it:)  There were like 14 girls that gave speeches in Abby's room.  They of course encourage you to not get up and go out during a speech but wait until the girl finishes, each speech last 5-7 minutes.  So first girl gets up and is about 45 seconds in...Amelia sneezes about 3 times...and her nose starts bleeding....not just a trickle but POURING.  In my bag, I have all of 1 napkin that she soaks through....and all Amy has is a pad:)  We finally made it out of the room and I sent her and Donald to get her some meds and I went back in.

Abby did  awesome, and won 1st place!!!!!
When I get back up to the room to check on Amelia she looks a little funny in the bed...because Donald had bought adult BENADRYL and gave her....really Donald.
Amelia and Avie did their songs at the same time.  Since Anna was in Avie's room I sent her with Amy and I went with Amelia.  She did awesome, she was disappointed bc she did not place but it was her first year.
Amelia had Bible Bowl that afternoon and then we rested, and then my sugar bottom out and I might have passed out. 

Avie stole someones blue ribbon.
The girls
Amelia had high score in Bible Bowl test.
Avie and Colson.....and Ivan photo bombing
Amelia also did scrapbook this year and got  third place in her age group she was so proud.  Surprisingly the puppet team also got third place:)

Easter pic
After Church we took the girls to Downtown Disney.  We ate at T-rex....I was not impressed.

The loved the lego store

We finally made it home late Sunday.  Thank goodness I took Monday off, mainly bc I knew I would not run all weekend and knew I needed to do a long run.  Monday night we had a "surprise" party for Donald.
I think Spring break spoils you a little too much for the next 7 weeks of school.

I was thinking I was going to die on the half I have this weekend, the longest I have run since the marathon was 8 miles.  On Saturday I did 10 and it was good.  I averaged a 10:19 pace and felt good about it so hopefully I will live through it:)