Monday, May 06, 2013

catch up part 2

Amelia had her art show at school.

 Later that week we went to Donalds last home baseball game....
 Avie and her sweet friend Hannan
For Avie's real birthday I took cupcakes to school
 That night we gave her the big present we had gotten her, an American Girls Doll.  She is PROUD

 We had cake at bev's

 The girls school is trying to makeover their playground equipment so they are collecting pennies, Avie sorted ALL the change we had in the house.
 Donald built this bed for the girls dolls one Saturday morning, they love it.
 She loves hair clips.....

 Friday night we sat on the deck for was freezing

 sweet baby asleep with her Mama
  The girls had me braid all their hair for Church Sunday...Avie's got BIG


BREI said...

Such cute pics of the kids! Looks like they had fun there last days of school.