Monday, May 06, 2013

Catch up

I am going to try and break up the last 3 weeks into a few is way easier for me and uploading pics:)

ok...after Avie's tea Party bday, my couing from Nasville and his family stopped over in V-town on their way to the beach.  I had not seen Scott since my aunt had dies and never met 2 of his kids.  My girls were excited to meet some more cousins.

But first we came home and had to put together the barbie dream house

 I think Maggie wants to play
 Then we went back to bev's to wait for the cousins

 I can remember when i was little sitting on these openings for hours

 Donald took the training wheels off the little back....and yes she is crazy on a bike as well.

 One with all 4 A's
 They were so glad to finally meet John and Abe.  Arlie was inside with us:)

 of course we had to sing to Avie again:)