Monday, June 17, 2013

Vegan Week 2, check and Bible Camp

I made it through my second vegan week, and did great.  The first week I ended up losing about 2 pounds, but more importantly was my blood sugar did great.  I am the type person who can eat the same thing over and I have been kinda doing that during the week.  I usually make some overnight oatmeal with fruit and almond milk.

 For lunch it is usually salad, dinner is also salad and other veggies.  I have fruit during the day.  This weekend I got crazy and made some bean chili....I know it is 900 degrees but it was good.

 Donald's Mom has been going to farms about twice a week so we have been loaded up on fresh veggies....we made Avie put the corn up:)
 The girls signed up for the summer reading program at the library....they decided to kill two birds with one stone...Amelia will read to Avie and they can both count it....Maggie was trying to help.
 I came home one afternoon to find my bedroom blinds open.....the girls said Maggie was squirrel hunting.....

 A friend from Church had this rental car Wednesday would have thought they were at Disney.
 Amelia had to got to the ortho (our Dentist wanted her teeth checked for overcrowding)...he said come back in a year...hopefully she will have lost more of the 12 baby teeth she has left.
 Thursday was Bevy's bday
 Saturday was finally time to pack up for camp.  Amelia was PUMPED!!!
 That afternoon we walked to a friends house in the 'hood and went swimming.
Amelia cuddled up with Maggie Saturday night
 Sunday she was so excited I bet she asked 500 times if it was time to take her yet.
 too bad Avie is too young......

 I am taking a one week running break to see if that will help the TERRIBLE pain in my leg/hip.  I have walked and seem top be ok, hopefully by next week I will feel better.