Saturday, July 13, 2013

running break and early birthday party

I have had serious hip pain for about a month when my leg is turned out.  I finally had suffered enough hoping it would get better and went to the Doctor. He took lots of x-rays...luckily that all  looked good.  He does think there is inflammation/irritation so he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and no running.  I have been on the meds 5 days now....the pain does not come as much but it is still there and feels very stiff so I am still not running:(

Amelia broke her glass last week so we had to spring for a new pair.  Usually we go through her eye Dr and pay a pretty penny.  We used America's Best and got these for less than $100!  She loves them.

 I took Friday off because we were having Amelia's bday party and she decided to make biscuits for her and Avie.

 We had a pool party, we thought it was going to rain all week but it didn't!!

 Anna spent the night last night, she DOES NOT LIKE DOGS!!  By the time she left this morning she was in love with Maggie.