Friday, July 05, 2013


I could totally get used to a 4 day weekend....

Last Sunday Donald bought a kayak....he has talked about it and researched it for months....we are so glad we don't have to hear him yapping about it anymore.  He of course had to bring it inside to look at every single area of it....and of course Avie slept in it:)

 Amelia and I played Sequence...and Maggie was all on the board.....until I had to shuffle...then she was all behind the chair scared.
 During the summer the girls stay up with Donald late....I have tried to make them still sleep in their own bed rather than the couch.....this is what I found Tuesday morning....they had stuffed the bed so I would think they were in there....
 Maggie is in time out...she ate off Avie's plate before I had time to clear the dishes....she got up in her chair and straight from the table.
 Avie was trying to console her

 Thursday morning Matt, Laurie and Mr Don were passing through so we met them for breakfast.  These two are trying to see who can make the maddest face.

 Thursday we headed to the big city for fireworks

 Every night that I do not have to go to work the next day Amelia wants to stay up all night.....we never make it:)


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