Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

The last month has flown by.  We had our first ever snow day in South Georgia...of course all we got was a teeny bit of freezing rain...my kids were stir crazy.

 We were all home the first day, the second day I braved the elements and went to my office.
 Avie is working so hard learning to ride her bike with no training wheels...however she usually gets to laughing so much she forgets to pedal.

 Amelia had her last Jr Pro game of the season.

 We went to a Blazers game in town, it has been years since I have gone to one.  The girls loved it.

 My bestie is moving so we had a little house warming shower for her.  I know she was giddy with all the items she gets to organize.
 There was a 5k at the girls school over the weekend.  Avie was pumped, her and Amelia signed up for the fun run and all she could talk about was how she was going to beat her.

She had to have a few pre race pics with ms Wanda.
 and with Anna
 Abby, Amelia and Brook
 I did the 5k...I forgot my watch...my time was like 30:30....I know I could have finished under 30..next time bring watch.
 family photo...and yes Amy and I had on the same outfit....only to confuse people who think we are twins.
 Finally it was time for the fun run....here they are getting lined up and directions.  Side note it had rained and the old gravel road through the campus has lots of little rocks and is slick.

 here they are, Avie is in light blue jacket....her very next step she wiped out...and then was ran over....her race was over:(

 She was super excited though when we brought her this chocolate milk
 Amelia has had to do a science experiment every 9 weeks at school.  So she set up to practice the one she has to do on Friday.

 And Avie doing her reading homework while I fold clothes.