Sunday, April 06, 2014

2 month lapse

I am in no way going to try and catch up the last two months they have been packed.  All of our goals are still on track for the year.  We are so excited that this week is spring break and then just a few more until school is out for the summer.....thank goodness.  I am so over 5th grade!!

First, I won 3rd place in my age group at race yesterday.....I am so hoping there were at least 4......I was suppose to do the half but have had some terrible foot pain, Dr thinks nerve issues, so I opted for 5k.

 Avie keeps us on our toes, she has a LOT of energy and says things that make me cringe.  But she is also the sweetest child.
 Laurie finally had her baby (10 days late), Carlie is so pretty.  Melissa and I drove to Montgomery and back in about 14 hours.
 Ahh....the A-team all dressed up and maybe even getting along.
The school had the Spring Art show which included display of gifted projects.
Amelia was proud of her project.

 Field day was the end of last week, of course they were worn out.


Louise said...

Yes...she FINALLY had her baby!! :)