Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amelia's new room

This is Amelia's new room before we started. This is Amelia "helping" Donald paint.

AND NOW................FINALLY.......................THE NEW ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes we know it is VERY PINK!!!!!!!!!

The best part of the whole room and the part Donald and I are most jealous of is the closet. Our house was built in the 70's so closet space is not in abundance, but Donald put in this shelf system and it made the closet have SO MUCH ROOM!!! Amelia especially loves the shoe holder at the bottom.

The only downside is all the junk that was in this room has now been moved to her old room, however we will start there next.


tleaf10 said...

Wow that is some pink .. .every little girl needs some pink in their life. And if a little pink is good, a lot of pink has to be better!

LaurieR said...

Yay for a new room! we'll be in town from this coming Saturday to the following Thursday, hope to see it then!

The Holtons said...

That is a great pink!! Love it! Ginny

Lindsey said...

Sorry this is late but congrats on it being another girl - that was my guess! And I love Amelia's room - so cute!