Wednesday, December 26, 2007


On Monday night we had Christmas with Papa and Bev. Here Anna is eating a present, I am sure not her's she was only interested in Amelia's, and Amelia DID NOT like that.

Abby delivering Amelia's HUGE stack to her.

Anna is attacking Amelia in the picture, probably trying to give kisses.

And of course the annual family photo, we added Patrick this year (Bev's brother) Anna was terrified of him, she would see him and run as fast as she could to anyone she could.

Then we left to go back home, Amelia had to put the key out for Santa since we do not have a chimney.

Then she had to sprinkle out her reindeer dust she made at school.

Then she had to get Santa;s cookies and chocolate milk ready to leave on the table.

Then finally it was Christmas morning, she first woke up about 5 and came to our bed and said Well did he come or not, and took off to the front room. We caught her before she went in and told her she had to wait until the sun came up before she could go in. So we went back to bed until about 7:30.

Opening Belle, getting her stocking and a GIANT lollipop.

A care bear, mixer, barbie, and play doh.

She has a terrible cough which we have been doctoring with Triaminic and Robitussin so hopefully it will clear up so we can avoid the doctor, but it is not looking too good. We are almost done with her room just have to hang the stuff on the wall and then tackle the closet. We've gotten most of the junk out of the closet and hopefully I will have time tomorrow to go to Lowe's and get one of those closet systems. So I promise BILLYE, I will have pictures maybe by the end of the week.


The Holtons said...

Sounds like you all had a great Christmas. I haven't posted ours yet but it was terrific! We are waiting for Don, Jamie and the girls to come down the 1st week-end in Jan., and I hope we will be through! Hope things go well at your appointment, try to relax and not worry-probably not anything you can do any way!! Love ya-Ginny

LaurieR said...

Are you kidding me?!? You made her go back to bed?!? That is crazy!