Friday, April 11, 2008

Another appt

I went Thursday again to the Dr, just for an NST and to see him. I was only there an hour....anyway....I asked him if we could go ahead and have the baby Monday, he said no. We talked about the fluid and the esophagus and I asked him how worried should I be, since I tend to worry...alot, he said I needed to have reasonable concern. He said that if there is an issue it would be between the mouth and the stomach, which means she would have to go to Macon or Shands or the tube from the stomach out which they can fix here. We will have an anatomy ultrasound on Monday with special attention on the stomach. Hopefully there is nothing to worry about.

Donald had a baseball game tonight so me and Mimae went shopping. Surprisingly enough she got the cutest outfit from JC Pennys....we also got a ton of stuff from Target, I just love that store.


The Holtons said...

We always find those cute girls, cute outfits! Try not to worry, you can handle whatever comes up! Take it easy this week-end-and go back to target if you need too! :)