Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The season has started!!!!

Amelia had her first tbat game tonight for the season, in my opinion they won....they were much better behaved and organized than the other team and since they do not keep score.......Amelia is so excited because Mackenzie is on her team, she is also thrilled because of Grayson and Bennett. She did so good hitting, she was especially excited about getting to wear a helmet.

Mackenzie's turn.

Headed for home.

Her turn to catch the ball. Her coaches make sure everyone has a turn to catch and throw the ball, much better than last year when it was a fight, fist fight, over who got to get the ball and throw it.

After the game we headed to Abby's to celebrate her 9th bday. I think Anna is trying to kiss Amelia in this pic.

hahahaha you can get in but you cannot get out...and yes we left them there

Blowing out the candles.

Went to the diabetes doctor today, my patience is growing very thin with the doc visits or rather some of the people that work there......the intake nurse was writing everything they were going to charge me for rather that taking the blood for the sugar test after I had already stuck myself and done my test so I said "it seems to me yall are more concerned with how much and what you can charge me for rather than treating me." Then she tried to make me disconnect my insulin pump so she could download it, which they charge you for, and I told her no. She tried to argue but did not make it very far. I am sure Donald will agree that even before I was not very patient to begin with but it seems like any patience I had is now GONE!

Luckily I have no doctor appointment tomorrow, I do have a lovely insurance ethics class in Tifton, hopefully we will not have a class idiot that ask 45057461 questions.


Lindsey said...

Your patience level is crackin' me up (sorry - I realize that's most likely the last thing you wanna' hear),...seriousely, when I read what you told the nurse I actually had to chuckle out loud! Glad Amelia did so good in her game!

LaurieR said...

It's easy to keep score yourself...I always know who really one an, just make it known that you are keeping score and then everyone will ask you who won.and, obviously, MeMae's tema conveiently always will! It's a fool proof plan! Can't wait to meet the new baby, we're keeping ya'll in our prayers!