Monday, August 25, 2008

4 months old!!!

Today Avie is 4 months old. So a few pics to mark the occasion::::::

This is another of Amelia's self portraits Amelia and I were digging in Avie's clothes on Sunday and found this hat, then Amelia scared her.

kicked back in the bumbo seat

trying to grab her ring

Amelia brought her a plate of food
kicked back on the couch

she looks so big here
She has her Dr appt in the morning so I will post her weight then.


Bev said...

I left a comment but it must be floating out there is cyberspace. Happy 4th month, Avie, you are so cute and seem to grow everytime I see you. Ah-haw! Amelia, the secret to you staying thin is eating plastic food--very smart! We love you both...XO Bev

Hicks Family said...

the first picture of Avie had me cracking up...thug Avie

MJN6 said...

She is so cute. Need to get her a good looking Tennessee boggin though. Happy late 30th Bday!!! Love Mrs. Mary Jo