Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bobbsey twins, Amy's bday and 5 ounces

The Bobbsey twins were at Church on Sunday night, it is scary that they think alike, even there shoes were similar.... Chuch striking a pose.

After Church we had Amy's bday party. Below 4 members of the Ateam.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has sent Amelia a postcard for the contest at school she has received, I think, so far 16. She has received them from some far and near places. If you did not get the email and want to send her one just email me for our address.

Yesterday I did Avie's pre anesthesia registration for her surgery. Now I had already spoken to her Dr's assistant and she said we would not have to have a pre op appointment, I do not feel so confident now. It was the kind of questionnaire where the next question or set of questions are based on previous answers. Needless to say after I checked yes to ever had or has heart issue I got quite a few additional questions. Then I left my work number and to call between 9-5, of course they call my home number at 6pm while we were outside playing frisbee. It was a pre recorded msg that I only heard the end of since they had started right when the machine picked up, so I called the number on my ID back and left a msg for the pre anesthesia nurse.....who knows.
One of the funniest things is when Amelia says the supper prayer. Last night after she named everyone we are related to, she prayed for the North and South.....tonight she thanked God for salsa, and no we did not have salsa for supper. She has also prayed nightly, without having to be reminded for Granny Barbara's arm to get better.
And last...Avie just drank a 5 ounce bottle, she can barely move at this point b/c she is so full and so far no spit up!!


Athen Bradford said...

Jett thanks God for our sins... try to explain that one to a five year old...
Athen just whispers and then "AMEN"!

Leigh said...

Just remember who the favorite cousin is that sent Abby and Amelia post cards!~ =)

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

I have her postcards sitting on the foyer table. I will mail them this week!!!

Yay for a 5 ounce bottle. I remember when Adalynn started taking that much. It was very weird at the end when she was taking 8 ounces at a time. Crazy!! The little stinker just had her 15 month check and is in the 5th percentile for weight-so she is in the same boat!

Best of luck on the surgery. It will be fine. Adalynn had 3 surgeries at Scottish Rite and the pre-op was the exact same way. Freaked me out the first time, but by time 3 I was glad to not have to go in a few days ahead of time for the same exam they will do the morning of surgery.

Lots of prayers!!!

Hicks Family said...

way to go, Avie the chugger

The Lee Family 4 said...

We will be praying for Avie. Hope everything goes well. That is great with the 5 oz. She is a real trooper. Keep it up...or should I say down. (the milk) : )

Barbara said...

Thanks, Amelia, for praying for Granny Barbara's arm and Hurray! for Avie for drinking 5 oz.
Love you ~~ Granny Barbara

MJN6 said...

Is Avie having her surgery @ Scottish Rites? When? Luke works there.

Rosemary said...

Amelia is not only leading her classroom in number of post cards received, but she has most individually for the entire elementary school. When I tell her how wonderful she is to do so, she just gives me that grin. Precious little girl. Abby is bringing in a bunch too. Thanks for all of your effort to support this fun geography learning opportunity. Love to Amelia from her library lady. :)