Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last Home Game

So today was the Lady Generals last home softball game, it was a double header. They needed to win both games to guarantee a spot in the State tournament, which they did.

Avie was ready in her dawg red.

Amelia has a shirt like her Daddy's.

Samantha (Karen's daughter) told Amelia that Jenna was coming so until she got there she about drove me nuts.

Avie in the dugout between games, we had been sitting with Karen, and some other people.
Look at those pretty blue eyes.

So if you are an alum of GCS you will fully understand the rest of the post. They had Sr day for Amee, Sarah, and Karen's daughter Samantha.

Ms. Vicki, Mr. Jamie and Sarah.

I cut Mr. Irvin out but I was really only trying to take a pic of Karen, Ginny's head got in the way.

The girls and their parents. (Karen on the end)

You may have noticed how many time Karen's name was mentioned, that is b/c her own family members with blogs, Ginny, Laurie, Louise and Leigh according to her do not mention her on their blog so I just wanted to make sure she received the proper recognition, especially after pulling Jessica's tooth, using dental floss.....


The Holtons said...

Sorry my head was in the way of KAREN'S picture. At least now you have mentioned "her" so I can go on with my normal posting!!:)

Louise said...

I'm with that you have mentioned her, and done such a great job, with pictures and all, I don't have much to say!! :) Just kidding, I haven't heard the story of the tooth yet so they are probably leaving us out of the loop!!

Leigh said...

Well she needs to get in the blog world! I talked to her on the phone for a good little bit the other day so I know she has alot to blog/vent about! She needs to read your blog on how to vent via blog! But don't you worry she will get a whole blog dedicated JUST TO HER! =)

The Holtons said...

Thanks for ALL the shout outs since my family ignores me. I rolled on the floor laughing! Seriously, loved the Sr Day pics. Enjoyed sitting with you and your sweet girls at the games.
Your blog stalker

Heather said...

Avie looks so tiny and cute in that stroller! Such a happy baby. : )