Saturday, October 04, 2008

Park Day

Today we took the girls to the park, we made a stop at the donut store first so Amelia could get her chocolate covered ones. Avie loved being outside and watching everything around her. Amelia had so much fun.

going down the big swirly slide.

then we had to go across the bridge to get to the other playground set.

even Avie took a turn swinging

on the way back, Donald and Amelia decided to skip the bridge and go through the creek bed, or as Amelia called it the ditch.

Avie and I had to wait for them on the other side.

Donald told her to jump to him, but she did not like that idea so she decided to start back the way they came, so he grabbed her.

then of course she could not walk any further.


Bev said...

Papa and I love that little park and have taken Anna to it several times in the last couple weeks. Looks like you had a great adventure. Love you guys, Papa&Bev

Heather said...

The pictures of Avie are great - she's such a smiley girl!! Love her in the swing - where'd she go?? And her little receeding hair line is cute. : ) Looks like Amelia had fun with Daddy!

Krissy said...

Those are some cute pics of Amelia playing! And Avie looks SO CUTE in that swing!!

The Holtons said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!

Louise said...

I love that Amelia put the brakes on!! :)