Monday, June 11, 2012

Keys 2012

We had a GREAT vacation!! We left early Sunday morning and drove straight through.  The girls did so good!  Of course right when we unhooked the camper we headed to the beach:)

 enjoying lunch, Avie told me they were the Princesses and I was the servant
 a daily activity
 Avie LOVED these:)

 Southernmost point

 Amelia and Donald went out on a half day snorkeling trip, make me nervous!!!!

Avie took this picture

We had a great time, our campsite was right on the water and we could swim right from there. 

I started my marathon training last week, and so far so good.  My long run Saturday was only 4 miles, which I feel I did good with.


Leigh said...

I love all of you!! And I miss you all more!! please come and see us soon!! :)

Louise said...

I just told Dirt that we need to get a camper!! That looks like it was a really nice place to be right there on the water!!! How fun!!! And, snorkeling makes me so nervous too!!