Monday, August 20, 2012

Cupcake Wars!!

I love finding random pics my girls draw or little notes Amelia writes.  This is one Avie drew of her and Amelia.....of course one of them has no face....

 My training plan kinda has me back down mileage and start building up again so I had an easy 5 on Saturday.  I just finished 6 on the dreadmill and it was SO BORING!!!!  However I am able to keep my pace better.
 Here is a pic of my finished bulletin board, looks good in my laundry room.  I wish the bulletin board material had been a little thicker but it will do.
 On Saturday Anna came over and we had cupcake wars.  I made the cakes and they decorated.  Our Judges were Donald, Amy and Abby!!

 These three about demolished the pan of mini muffins!!