Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great long weekend.  Amelia had practice Friday night and a friend spend the night....I finally went in her room at 4am and told them to BE QUIET!!!!  My "long run" was only 6 miles on Saturday and I had a great time of 1:02.3, I tend to not keep a perfect pace outside but it goes SO MUCH faster than the dreadmill!!

A Pic of Avie just being....Avie

 Sunday morning we went to Atlanta to the Braves game.  We take the girls every year and they just love it.

 We have really good seats right behind the Braves dugout....Amelia's dream came true she said because her Donald and Avie were all on the jumbotron!!!

 She was SO HOT......she said it about 57133545 times!!
 Thanks to FB we found out Emily Kate was there.  They went to preschool together....they were so excited to see each other!
 And our best friends Matt and Laurie....the girls were BEYOND thrilled to see them....and their friend Lindsay who Avie thinks is now her "Georgia" friend.  
 Amelia stalking Chipper
 the many faces of my maniac
 Sunday night after the game the kids run the bases....we lined up after the 7th inning....if you watched the game you know Braves were losing 7-2.......you would also know they won 8-7.....thanks to Chipper's home run bottom of the 9th with 2 outs....yes we were those people that missed it.  Luckily Donald saw it because I was in line with the girls and 354054 other people by myself....

This is on the field, probably right after I got snappy with some mom who was letting her kids run all over including knocking into Avie....get your kids under control.  Sidebar.....not having your kids follow directions does not make them cute....it makes them brats!!! ok...done with that
 in front of the dugout
 the parents have to go through the stands and leave the kids to come out on other side.

 crazy family photo

 and I am SUPERPUMPED about my short work week made even shorter.  Meli and I are leaving at noon  Thursday headed to Montgomery to see our besties!!!


Louise said...

How funny about their new "Georgia" friend!! :)
Looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend! If y'all get bored while L&L are working, come to my crazy house!! :)

Suz and Allan said...

The Braves game looks like it was a lot of fun for you guys! I grew up a Braves fan and those games are so much fun.