Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another week closer

Another week closer to what....Thanksgiving break from school, the holiday season, the marathon...whatever!!

This week was red ribbon week at school, I remembered to get a pic one day.....Donald wore the hulk on superhero day and all three of them had to scare the dog..I mean try it on.

 Thursday was famous duo day, so Amelia and Savannah were a cowgirl and an Indian
 Avie and Charlee were butterflies

 ugh....this pic is in my hallway why I don't know...sheesh I was BIG
 Friday night was Fall Festival.....Amelia loves karaoke and finally convinced Savannah to do it with her, and Sav told her she was not going to sing :)....then all the other kids she begged went up...I am really not a fan of other kids!!
 after 16 miles Saturday, 2:52.10

 Maggie LOVES the trampoline....we will look outside and she will just be walking around on it

 She was NOT HAPPY when they closed her out of it
This is the girls last week of school before Thanksgiving break and it is busy....we thought softball was over after our tournament loss....but no it is double elimination and basketball starts this week...just thinking about all of this makes me sleepy.


DC3A said...

That pic is from the funniest wedding ever though!

Louise said...

Me thinking about running for over 2 hours makes me EXHAUSTED!! :) Excited for y'all though!
And I think you forgot to include a picture in this blog....I saw it yesterday! ;)

Louise said...
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