Thursday, December 27, 2012

So this is Christmas

Rewind to the Wednesday before Christmas.  Amelia had been the week before to the Dr for a nagging cough and her finger was swollen and nasty.....they opened it up and drained it out IT WAS NASTY!!  They took a sample to test and sent us on our merry little way with a strong antibiotic, a topical cream, cough  syrup and a new steroid cream for the psoriasis she has behind her ear.....ok back to Wednesday.  I had taken Wed-Fri off to go to the girls program and get all my shopping/wrapping done.  Their program was cute but I could tell Amelia was a little off..

 There is Avie walking in, she was ALL smiles
 Amelia in the center with glasses

 Avie front row with an A
 So after the program we came home and they rested.  We had cookies with Santa that night at Church.  So we go to Church and before the kids come in from services Donald and I are setting up....she Amelia comes in crying (she is a cryer...) and tells me she has a rash...I say well you will be fine well she is going on and on and on so I look at it....her arms are covered.  So Donald's sister, who is a nurse, takes her out b/c at this point she is uncontrollable, so we can finish setting up....a few minutes later Donald comes and tells me to come look at Amelia....her body is covered in hives.  So we decide me and her will go ahead and go home, she is also feverish....but before we left I wanted to see Avie with Santa!!

 When we get home it looks like this, we load up with some benadryl and try and get her to settle down
 The next morning it has gotten worse so I take her to the Dr.  The decide that even though she has been on the antibiotic for a week she is having an allergic reaction.  The PA said the best thing is  (and then spells out ) SHOT....Amelia goes nuts.  I look at the PA and say umm...she is 9 and can spell..hello!!

She also thinks she may have strep and we ATTEMPT a strep test but Amelia turns into the incredible hulk and fights off me, a nurse and the PA...all at once so we nix that.  She gives her amoxil just in case.  We spend the next 3 days giving her benadryl around the clock with Tylenol for was a long 3 days!!!!!!!

I did go to Target Thursday night in the rain to finish my was not that bad.

Amelia finally felt like going outside on Friday
Avie and Maggie played a little dress up......the dog will just keep finding her for more and more...

Saturday my long run was suppose to be 20 miles.  I woke up around 3:30 with a very high blood sugar that took me several hours to get down....who knows I only did 8.

a few in front of the tree photos from Sunday morning

 Sunday we had Christmas at Donald's parents.
 Double Trouble!!

Christmas Eve day we made sugar cookies.  Amelia was good on rolling and cutting and even decorated about three....then she was done.

 but not Avie.....we had made a double batch so there were about 30 cookies....and she wanted to decorate EVERY.SINGLE.ONE!!!!!!!

 and her best friend was never far from her

 The Lake Park FD always bring Santa through the neighborhoods on Christmas Eve day.  He told us this year b/c of insurance reasons he could not get off the golf cart....umm what insurance reasons would those be...

Christmas Eve we went to Bev & Papa's.  Not sure what setting Donald had my camera on but most of the pics were fuzzy.... 

Annual Christmas photo
The girls were so excited to get home to get ready for Santa.  They set out the milk and cookies and spread reindeer food.

 Maggie was very interested in the presents.....

 We got both girls a tablet which they were thrilled about

 and Amelia got a hair afraid
I took a cabinet door we took off some cabinets from the laundry and made Amelia this bulletin board
Everyone came over for Christmas brunch

 Then that afternoon we took naps!!

The girls had such a good Christmas, and it is so fun seeing how they react to things.   We are down to single digits left until the marathon, hopefully I can get better about "staying on plan".....


My Love Times Two said...

Ummm, where is the picture of Avie washing dishes???? I could have totally torn up some sugar cookies too...