Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy New Year.  I had to go back to reality and go to work yesterday, at my office you pay for being off....oh well!!

We left Friday night and went to Jacksonville with some friends, just a quick trip and came back Sunday.  The condo we stayed is actually right on the marathon course, we are staying at the same place for the marathon.  This makes it so much easier for the kids and my dad.  I made Donald scope out the on ramp for the hwy we have to run is an up ramp wrap around...but that did not prepare me for the overpass....

This is like between mile 24-25....I am not a fan of bridges this should be real fun

 Sadly I did not run while we were out of town....I needed a break.  My first goal of the New Year is to stick to my training plan from here on out.  So Monday morning I got up and ran 10 was freezing.

Avie and her best buddy
 Amelia had ball practice so Avie and I hit up Target....she found this headband in the holiday clearance.
 These two were out by 9 on New Years I stayed up late until about 10:)
 Tuesday I got up and ran 8 miles, it was much warmer outside.  Amelia and Avie dug this root up....who knows what their plan is.
 We ate dinner with the fam and the girls played Just Dance Disney

 Wednesday was back to work for me, Donald goes today and the girls go back to school Monday.  Last night they got out all their duct tape and made all kinds of treasures...
My Dad saw the Radiation oncologist yesterday to discuss options.  He gave us several options....the first step no matter the option chosen is a brain scan.  Dad will have the brain scan done on Monday.  We covet your prayers ....please pray specifically that dad's brain scan will show no cancer activity, and that he will be able to proceed with the radiation treatment.


Running Diva Mom said...

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Suz and Allan said...

Thoughts and prayers that the doctor visit for your dad went well today!