Wednesday, January 16, 2013

catch up

The week after my 20 miler I WAS SORE, but determined to stay on my plan.  The plan for the week was 8-5-7.  I did the 8 and the 5 and then my knee flared up followed by my hip which is still sore today......On Saturday Amelia's basketball started again, so I opted for lesser miles (7.5) to rest my knee and hip and make it to the game.

Avie and Anna...the cheer section

 Amelia...we have tried to convince her to be more aggressive.....
 CRAZY girls.  I have been posting a pic a day on FB, and so far I have not forgotten!!!
And I am so excited b/c The Alabama girls are coming to GA this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie J said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by and following! I'm a new follower here now :) I aspire to one day be a runner! I look forward to following along!

H Love said...

What part of Geoegia are you in?