Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My besties came from Alabama to visit with me and MJ!! They arrived late Friday (actually early Saturday). I had to meet Amy in Dasher to run early so I could make it to Amelia's bball games so I only saw Leigh-Leigh for a second.

We met at about 6:30 for 13.  We had to be done before starting time at 9, we made it with time to spare....however we were a hot mess!!  Amelia did good and finally was a bit more aggressive!!

We went to lunch with the L's and then shopped a little and then supper!!  Melissa and I had no problem crashing the family meal!!!

We met for lunch the next day after Church at the school....MJ is absent in the pic b/c she was sick:(
We are scheduled for another 20 miler this weekend....who knows if we will actually do it.  The marathon is in 25 days.  I am figuring at this point I am 99.9% confident I will make it in the time period....I may not be able to walk soon after but feel for sure I can make it!


Leigh said...

It was so good seeing ya'll and I am so glad we stayed with ya'll! That is our permenant place to stay from now on! :)i love ya'll and i am so thankful for our friendship!

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