Monday, January 28, 2013

Last long run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are almost there....we had 20 scheduled for Saturday morning.  Amelia also had a game at we went to Dasher and made it about 15.5 miles in about 2:56.  I think we are ready, will we break a record running the marathon...umm...NO, but I know we will finish in the time limit:)  We are finally starting to taper, which based on the condition of my hip, knee and foot that is a good thing!!
 In other news.....the weather has been morning it was freezing.....and by Saturday it was HOT!  Wednesday it is suppose to be 85.

 Avie got in a little trouble on Thursday night....she was "explaining" it to Donald.
yes I am a genius
 Saturday....yep in the sprinklers
 We had an Ice Cream party at Church.....these girls were wild!!!!!!!!!