Thursday, June 06, 2013


The past two weeks have gone by in a flash....hopefully the rest of the summer will slow down a little.  I love not having to get up at 4am and run on the treadmill.  Now I can sleep a little later and go in my neighborhood!!

The Friday after school got out we skipped graduation and went to the water park, the girls loved it....the water was FREEZING!!

 Saturday we spent ALL day at the pool with the Cozarts and the was HOT

 we snapped a beginning of summer pic of all the girls, in age order:)

 Sunday was a very difficult day for all of us.  The school librarian, Mrs Jackson passed away suddenly.  She had just retired earlier in the week.  My children loved her, having to explain death to your children is a very difficult thing.
I took them to the pool, and picked up Evan as a distraction.

 We skipped the pool on Memorial Day
 I finally got to meet and hold sweet baby Eve last Wednesday....she started to cry and I do not do crying babies....
 We were suppose to leave Thursday morning and head to Red Top Mountain in N Ga for camping....we decided to leave at about 10 on Wednesday to avoid that crazy traffic.
 The girls were sound asleep before we got out of V-town
 oh yeah....we camped in the Walmart parking lot

 luckily they let us check in real early since there were lots of campsites available, we were right by the playground which the girls loved
After we rested...a little...we headed to the American Girl Doll Store.  My girls loved it.

 Ruthie and Elizabeth even went to the beauty shop

 eating...and Donald photobombing

 I ran on Friday morning, trail running and road running...NOT.THE.SAME!!  It was tough.

 Donald cooking breakfast

 We walked down to the lake so the girls could fish, then they found a bunch of rocks and liked throwing those much better.

 Friday night we headed to the Braves game

 Our seats were about 4 rows behind their dugout.
 She is crazy!!!!!

 I tell her to smile and this is what I get

 I am 99.9% sure this is the only reason she was excited to come to the game...the huge bag of cotton candy that she INHALED in about 5 minutes. 

 Amelia ran down when the Braves were coming in to hit and Brian McCann threw her a ball, she was thrilled.

 About 20 minutes after the cotton candy she got in my lap and went to sleep...and everytime there was a loud noise she would get ANGRY:)

 Saturday we just hung around the campground, there were other kids there which the girls loved.

 Amelia and I went on a trail walk


 On the way home we stopped and did a little shopping
 Don't let that grin fool you she is fixing to annoy Amelia.....

 and there it is
 We had a great time, and hated to come back....but I was ready for some room after being in that little camper for 4 days.

When I got home from Sam's Avie was so excited by this bag of tortilla chips and salsa....I give the salsa a week in my house.