Tuesday, September 17, 2013

catch up...again

We have been busy.  The girls threw a surprise party for my bday.
 They had a silly string fight with Donald
 Amelia ate vegetables....
 Avie and her attitude
 Labor Day weekend Donald went on the camping trip with Church....Avie decided to start throwing up in my bed....it was a LONG weekend....and then when we thought she was all better the next Tuesday she started again...in her bed.  So she missed a week of school.

 Me and her spent a lot of time inside the house so we tried to be crafty.

 GCS had their first football game in a long time.  IT WAS HOT!!

 Avie using her air quotes
 And Maggie being weird.....there were veggies roasting and she did not like the sound.
I am still vegan strong and signed up for a half on 10/5....it will be a long SLOW half.  It has been brutally hot and humid here and the long runs have wiped me out.  Hopefully it will cool down to like 90 in the next week.